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Hitchhiking from Thailand to Cambodia

For a week of moving to Lombok (Indonesia) in Hua Hin (Thailand), where we went hitchhiking-plane and hitchhiking again, we pretty tired. So the departure of Cambodia decided to postpone - rest for 2-3 days. Met on March 8, gorged itself barbecue, fattening household pelmenchikami and potatoes. And on the 11th, took two small backpack, went to Cambodia.


Hitchhiking without the knowledge of the English language

Many people wonder whether it is possible to hitchhiking is not English-speaking countries with no knowledge of English. And how hard it is? Previously, I did not have the exact answer to this question. But now he has appeared. And I will explain it in this post as a small story.


Hitchhiking from Thailand to the airport in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

In the evening, 6 hours before departure, our company unexpectedly enriched Tatar girl from St. Petersburg - Aislu. Aislu - a lawyer with two higher educations with knowledge of the German language and the initial level of English. Very cheerful, noisy and curious girl. Arrived in Thailand to your friends, but plans changed and now travels with us.


Hitchhiking from Hua Hin to Hat Yai (Thailand)

Hitchhiking left of Hua Hin in Hat Yai. We just have tickets to Kuala Lumpur bought from Hat Yai. Thought'll get in one day. Which in principle should have happened. But again, circumstances - not allowed to execute their plan.


Hitchhiking from Hua Hin Krabi (Thailand)

Left the province in Hua Hin - Krabi. As always - hitchhiking, and as always - too late. More precisely at 10 am. But this time did smarter - asked Yura - local friend, to bring us to the highway on a moped. It is 11 km from the house. Until we arrived and settled down - already 11 and knocked. And we have yet to come [...]


About hitchhiking in Thailand, or as we traveled from Bangkok to Chiang ride to Maya

After spending a week in Bangkok, we have matured a desire to get to the north of the country. Options for moving to a bus or train, we have not considered. I wanted to check hitchhiking in Thailand. True, this option does not involve movement with many backpacks, so we decided to pack a healthy snaryagu leave BPC. We have agreed with the owner of our Gest (Clean and Calm) and for a nominal fee [...]

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